Riju Chatterjee

  • Gender: Male (I am not sure how this is relevant. It’s a blog not tinder)
  • Age: Seriously? 18+ and that’s all I’m gonna tell.
  • Vocation: Software Architect at a leading financial investment bank
  • Avocation: Writing (duh !), Eating , Travelling, Reading & Eating again
  • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (The only reason I feel this info is relevant is because the Centre of the Milky Way lies directly behind this constellation in the night sky)
  • Location: Bengaluru : India : Earth (The last one is the one I am most proud of)

About Me

I am the Time’s person of the year 2006 ! I am not joking. Google or check out their website here.

Apart from the above I really am at a loss of  words to describe myself. Not because I am very dynamic, neither because there aren’t any words to describe myself in english. Just that I haven’t had done so much soul searching in a long while.

I like writing stuff. In the day I usually write code and emails. At night it’s usually diary, posts, blogs or whatsapp chats.  I am an avid reader, I read everything from politics to toothpicks, from mystery thrillers to black holes (you’ll usually find one or multiple books at my bedside always.) I also like eating and tasting (they usually go hand in hand, if you are wondering)! Working in a 10-to-8 job usually boils down to eating roti-sabzi & chinese but I make it a point to try out different cuisines also. I am usually always excited about all things technology, advanced science & cool gadgets (but you already knew that). I also crack too many nerd pJs. So yeah, beware.


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